Update: Summer in Indy

This summer I have the incredible opportunity to do photography and videography for the rad magazine, NUVO, in Indianapolis. I get to take pictures at events all over the city and pitch and work on commercials and web series all summer long.

I get to go to concerts, festivals, fairs and comedy shows, take pictures and write scripts and pitch ideas for NUVO's newest issues. I'm so thrilled and relieved to finally be working in a place that I have the freedom and responsibility to work creatively and make stuff. I get to make stuff at work! In an office with a sarcastic, alternative, ironic voice like NUVO! 

(They did not pay me to right this, I'm just sincerely over the moon.)

I'm so thrilled because, as a 20 year old, most of my jobs up to this point have been shitty. And that's good. Everyone should do shitty jobs for a while. Most people on the planet have to do shitty jobs forever, and if you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a job that is not shitty, you appreciate it so much more.

So I have my first job that's not shitty. There are dogs in the office- DOGS. I designed a set today for video pitch for Indy's 'TACO WEEK'. It's a landscape scene of the Wizard of Oz designed entirely out of taco meat. And DOGS are around. 

This June, Indy is kicking off it's Food Weeks, beginning with Indy Burger Week. Check it out, eat some burgers (maybe veggie burgers if you're into that), eat more fries, and drink shakes till you fart too much and regret it.

Keep doing the stuff you love, work hard at the shitty jobs so you can get to the jobs you like. 


In case you couldn't read it...

Below I have attached my Artist's Statement, the article "Locker Room Talk" by my friend, Abby Thompson, and the acknowledgments. The text in the flip book can be a bit hard to read, and the writing is equally as important as the images. Enjoy and thanks for reading! XOXO -R

The Artist's Statement:

An Article by Abby Thompson:

The Acknowledgements:

The Stuff I Made This Summer

For the second half of the summer, I've been home in Texas spending time with my family. I've been focusing on art projects that I can do while still being with my family, so I have done a lot of embroidery and jewelry making. 

Below, are some picture of T-shirts I've embroidered this month. 

I actually also taught my sister to embroider, so we have been sitting on the couch like little old ladies with our needle-point, watching sitcoms with our mom. Our mom is a big knitter, but I've never really liked knitted stuff (I'm allergic to wool, and sweat a LOT), but embroidery still has the meditative benefits of knitting, but I can make stuff I like to wear regularly. 

Embroidering the hat was very difficult, because the front of the hat is so stiff and thick. You also can't really embroider the hat with a hoop, so I recommend a sharper needle and a few hours to spare. Worth it in the end though!

I got some really good inspiration from Pinterest (see my crafting board here), and from some great tumblr sites like Flower Patches Shop and lonely mountain embroidery


My family has also always liked beading and jewelry making. My mother, Heather Dismore, actually wrote Jewelry Making and Beading For Dummies so we were genuine pigs, helpers, and models for many of her projects included in the book. I typically don't buy any clothes or jewelry that I can make myself, so I got creative and made the pieces included below!


Summer is a great time for inspiration, creation, and simplifying. I'm reading to take on the new year with a clean mind and some new goodies!